Another New Juice Bar Is Opening in Cambridge

Beatnik Beverage Company will use locally harvested produce and serve Bulletproof Coffee.

Beatnik Beverage Company

The soon-to-open space. Photos provided to

As of next week, Cambridge will be home to (yet) another juice bar: Beatnik Beverage Company, set to open at 5 Cambridge Center in Kendall Square on Sept. 8.

But before you start complaining about liquified kale and spinach overload, Beatnik promises to be a little different. For one thing, the juicery is owned by the family behind the Herb Lyceum, a farm/herb garden/event space in Groton, and Beatnik’s products—including pre-bottled juices, made-to-order juices, and multi-day cleanses—will use produce harvested from the grounds.

Plus, aside from the usual cold pressed juices, Beatnik will be among the first establishments in Boston to serve Bulletproof Coffee, the trendy coffee drink made with grass-fed butter and “Brain Octane Oil” said to boost brain function, suppress appetite, and spur weight loss. The cafe will also have Nitro Coffee poured from a Guinness tap, kombucha, and cold brewed iced coffee.

Opening Sept. 8 at 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge;

Beatnik Beverage Company