Best of Boston All-Stars: What’s New at Bella Sante

For years, we've been smitten with Bella Sante's waxing, massages, manicures, sunless tanning, and more. Here's a look at their newest services.

Welcome to Best of Boston All-Stars, a series that takes a closer look at what’s new at longtime Best of Boston favorites.

Bella Sante

Bella Sante HydraFacial / Courtesy photo

Just relax? Easier said than done—which is why so often, the fine art of stress-busting is best left to the professionals. And you’ll find few places more skilled at it than Bella Sante.

Currently boasting three locations in Massachusetts, this superstar spa first opened its doors on Newbury Street in the late ’90s, winning over the hearts (and pores) of Boston magazine in a big way. In our first award to Bella Sante, which was our 1999 winner for Best City Day Spa, we wrote:

A city spa should be an oasis—a lavender-scented curtain drawn between you and the press of daily life. With its vanilla-colored walls, soft classical music, and reception-area foot-massage units, Bella Sante transports you to a prettier place, where everyone glows.

Not only were we smitten with their day-spa services both in Boston and out in the ‘burbs; we’ve also waxed poetic about their waxing—and massages and manicures and sunless tanning—for years.

But it’s not all tension-melting three-step hot spot massages and aromatherapy facials. While their prowess in helping Bostonians achieve inner bliss is a huge draw for Bella Sante, outer beauty is a huge cornerstone of their services. “Bella Sante is a full-service luxury day and med spa that has been specializing in both result-based and relaxation-based services for 20 years,” says Tiffany Amorosino, Bella Sante co-founder and CEO.

She points out that the medi-spa staff boasts a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. William Numa, who oversees Bella Sante’s new medical treatments and products. “Most clients probably don’t realize that,” Amorosino says.

New to their beauty arsenal: “We have recently added micro-needling to our services which is a facial treatment which requires little-to-no down time,” says Amorosino. “The facial service temporarily creates hundreds of micro-channels in the skin, triggering collagen production in the face, neck, and chest areas.”

Equally futuristic-sounding is their new line of Silk Therapeutics products, “based around natural silk in a liquid form”—Amorosino praises their moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

And while their expert waxing makes a grim task relatively enjoyable—”we have actually dozed off during a thorough thigh-to-toe wax” one of our Best of Boston correspondents confessed—it’s not the only way to de-fuzz at Bella Sante: “One other thing that people may not know is that we offer Vectus laser hair removal, which offers the largest spot size available,” says Amorosino. “This means, larger areas can be treated in shorter period of time.”

Bella Sante locations: 38 Newbury St., Boston; 76 Bedford St., Lexington; 190 Linden St., Wellesley; 617-424-9930;