12 Healthy Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Get your sweat on before the leaves change and the temperatures drop.

Sad as it may be, folks, summer is drawing to a close. (Reality check: September starts next week.) Instead of celebrating/wallowing by eating ice cream for dinner every night, why not squeeze in a few more glorious summer sweat sessions?

Here are 12 healthy ways to make the most of the waning days of summer. After all, snow will be here before you know it.

1. Soak in the scenery at the Middlesex Fells.

2. Try SUP yoga.

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3. Enjoy the view from the Arboretum’s Peters Hill.

4. Vinyasa at the Colonnade’s rooftop pool.

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5. Then make the city your yoga studio.

6. Run along the Charles…as much as possible.

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7. Learn to sail on Jamaica Pond.

8. Take one of the many, many free fitness classes around town.

9. Explore the Riverway.

10. Run through a sprinkler.

11. Take a long stroll on the beach.

12. Run to the ice cream truck.