Boston Wellness: Just for Guys

With Men’s Health Month on the horizon, now’s the time to indulge in some manscaping for the mind, body, and soul.

Jonathan Cruz Broga Burn Fitness Studio

Jonathan Cruz (pictured) teaches Broga at Burn Fitness Studio. / Photograph by Toan Trinh

If there’s anything men hate more than asking for directions, it’s going to the doctor. Don’t take our word for it: A 2016 Cleveland Clinic survey found that 40 percent of guys fail to get yearly checkups, while 19 percent visit a physician only “to stop a loved one from nagging.” Not great.

While visits to your primary care doc are certainly important, it takes more than an annual physical to stay well. Here, five local resources to get your health in gear from head to toe.

Feel Good

Billed as “the first comprehensive men’s health center in the U.S.,” Men’s Health Boston specializes in the more, shall we say, sensitive areas of male healthcare. From vasectomies to prostate problems, this Chestnut Hill practice does it all. It also has an active research wing, conducting clinical trials and producing published studies related to men’s health and new treatments.

200 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, 617-277-5000,

Look Good

These days, a number of Boston spas are putting the “man” in manicure (and facials and massages, too). The “Manly-cure” at Bliss, for example, rehabs neglected digits with a hot-cream massage, cuticle shaping, and buffing. Meanwhile, the skin experts at Skoah offer a “Mancial” that cleanses and exfoliates the face and neck. Bonus: The treatment includes a peppermint-scented foot massage.

100 Stuart St., Boston, 617-261-8747,; 641A Tremont St., Boston, 857-350-4930; 33 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, 617-383-5185;

Work It Out

Somewhere along the line, yoga got typecast as a workout for women. While there’s not a lick of truth to that assumption, Broga—yes, vinyasa yoga for bros—is there for guys who still need a little extra coaxing. We like the challenging, strength-training-infused classes at the South End branch of Burn Fitness Studio. And, yes, ladies, you’re welcome to attend, too.

547 Columbus Ave., Boston,

Talk It Out

Parenthood isn’t easy. There to help is Fathers’ Uplift, a Roxbury clinic that helps men overcome obstacles—emotional, mental, financial, environmental, or otherwise—and become the best dads they can be. The organization’s male-focused approach to counseling and parental guidance was among the first of its kind when its doors opened about seven years ago.

100A Warren St., Roxbury, 617-987-5994,

Stay Connected

Maintaining a vibrant social life is a critical part of staying well. And if you can get a little exercise while hanging with your buds, that’s even better. Boston Ski and Sports Club offers several leagues that are just for men, including outdoor flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer, and basketball, in addition to a slew of coed and women-only leagues. Lace up your sneakers, grab a few pals, and get ready to play ball.