The Trustees Hike 125 Challenge Is Underway

The Massachusetts Trustees kicked off their third annual hiking challenge on April 14.

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Think you have what it takes to hike 125 miles in a year? Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to go full Bear Grylls mode. We’re just asking you to get a outside a little more.

The Trustees Hike 125 challenge, which was originally created as a way to celebrate the group’s 125th anniversary in 2016, has since grown into a way for them to challenge veteran and novice hikers alike to hit the trails—more specifically, the Trustees’ trails.

The organization, which is made up of more than 140,000 members, protects and preserves more than 100 special places all around Massachusetts, spanning nearly 27,000 acres. Part of what they do is promote their properties, which include gardens, waterfalls, large woodlands, historic structures, and over 350 miles of trails linking to the Appalachian Trail, Bay Circuit Trail, and Mid-State Trail, among others.

The challenge, which began on April 14, is simple. Scope out some trails you want to hike, keep track of your mileage with a fitness app or GPS, and record it on their Hike 125 website. With over 350 miles of trails to choose from, enjoy sweeping views of the Boston skyline along tree-lined carriage paths at World’s End. If you’re up for more of a challenge, head to Noanet Woods for 17 miles of shady hiking. The Ward Reservation links to three major hills (Shrub, Boston, and Holt), giving you a perfect view of the surrounding landscape, including a rare quaking bog.

The Trustees also have beginner trailspicnic spots, and stroller-friendly trails for families and new hikers, and encourage you to snap some pictures of your experience and upload them to the site for others to see.

Essentially, everyone is a winner in this endeavor if you rack up at least 125 miles (prizes will be announced for those who meet this goal) by the end of the challenge on December 31. But for those who go above and beyond, you will have the chance to win prizes from REI, such as a hiking pack, trekking poles, and other products. Participants have the chance to win based off of four different categories: most miles logged, most places visited, most hikes taken, and families who log the most miles together. Everyone who hikes more than 25 miles will receive a Hike 125 patch to celebrate. With so much ground to cover, what are you waiting for? Lace up those hiking boots and explore Massachusetts one trail at a time.

April 14-December 31, sign up at

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