This South End Fitness Studio Is Exclusively for Post-Workout Recovery

Roll out and stretch sore muscles at Bdy Sqd at the Ink Block.

Bdy sqd recovery

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We all know recovery is an important aspect of fitness training. Whether you’re lifting weights or running long distances, your body needs time to heal and repair itself in order to get better. But how many times do you make time for stretching, foam rolling, or massages? Probably not a lot. And that’s where Bdy Sqd comes into play.

Bdy Sqd is a recovery studio that has been operating on Newbury Street for a little over a year now (formerly under a different name). The company just opened a second space at the Ink Block on Traveler Street so South End dwellers can receive one-on-one assisted stretching sessions with a stretch coach, book times to lounge in the infrared sauna, or use NormaTec boots.

When you meet with a stretch coach for a one-on-one session you’ll discuss what you’re currently doing (or not doing) for recovery and what you typically do for exercise. You’ll be assessed and asked if you are experiencing pain or tightness anywhere. After assessing your needs the coach will use different stretch modalities like manual work to increase mobility and range of motion in your muscles.

The infrared sauna and NormaTec boots are gaining popularity in the wellness world as more and more spaces are offering them, like Brooklyn Boulders’ new fitness center BKBX in Allston. The sauna is said to heat the body like the sun while helping with sore muscles, appearance of skin, improved circulation, and more. While the NormaTec boots are these rather large sleeves that you pull up over your arms and/or legs and compress the muscles as they fill with air, flushing the lymphatic system.

You can book sessions or buy a monthly membership at Bdy Sqd and you can even have stretch coaches make appearances at events, practices, or races. Now you have no excuse not to make time for recovery.

Treatments begin at $45, 34 Traveler St., Suite G, Boston, 617-313-9080,

bdy sqd recovery

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bdy sqd recovery

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bdy sqd recovery

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