A New Plant-Based Eatery Is Landing in South Boston

Inspired by Middle Eastern flavors, Lulu Green is set to open on January 30.

Smoothie bowl / Avocado toast / Overnight oats / photos via Kim Furnald Photography

When we asked registered dietitians, food bloggers, and health nuts what they predicted the biggest food trends of 2020 would be, most all answers revolved around plant-based diets. Well, lucky for us, our veggie-forward restaurant options just grew by one more.

Headed to South Boston at the end of this month, Lulu Green will offer plant-based fare from salads to sandwiches with a Lebanese twist as well as juices, smoothies, and coffee. While other parts of the city are drowning in fast-casual healthy options, seeing one pop up in Southie is a welcome sight—probably, and especially, for all those millennials who call it home.

According to Boston.com, the eatery will take over where Shredded, the former salad shop, used to be at 246 W Broadway in South Boston. Lulu Green aims to open January 30.

Founded by sisters Mary and Nada Lattouf, Lulu Green is a byproduct of their love for food. Mary comes from a long career working as the Director of the Healthy Eating Program at Whole Foods, while Nada is a physicist and pharmacist who is passionate about creating plant-based juices and smoothies. The executive chef, Brian Corbley, also hails from Whole Foods, where he worked as the Director of the North Atlantic Prepared Foods Kitchen.

“Don’t let all this healthy talk throw you off,” Mary said in a press release. “Our food is for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike—made by people who love to eat, for people who love to eat.”

After taking one look at the menu, the fare reads very much like the much-loved Life Alive Cafe, but with a Middle Eastern twist. Breakfast options include steel cut oats with apples and currants, while a mezze bar offers traditional Middle Eastern spreads like hummus and baba ghanoush. There’s a shawarma sandwich on the menu with seitan, pickled turnips, tomato, and onion and also oven-baked Za’atar fries.

Plus, you can slurp all that green goodness down with smoothies and juices featuring interesting ingredients like Butterfly-pea flower, lemon balm, and Lion’s Mane mushroom. And if you’re hunkering for something sweet (like we all are after a veggie-forward lunch), Lulu Green will offer baked goods prepared with the help of Andrew Platt, cofounder of the Biscuit bakery in Somerville.

The 25-seat cafe is ready for you, Southie. Bring an appetite, and your best Instagram filter. The whimsical and brightly colored space (plus the perfectly curated avocado toast) will look great on your feed—or simply be present, and actually savor each bite.

246 W Broadway, lulugreen.com