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What’s in Store

A modern original is celebrated and a Beacon Hill boutique with one-of-a-kind wares.

The selection at Thieves Next Door is ever-evolving. A recent mix included stoneware and fiber vases by Karen Tinney, ceramic bowls and mugs by Franca NYC, and tumblers by Demetria Chappo. / Courtesy photo

Curated Curiosities

Expect to encounter the unexpected at Thieves Next Door, a delightful trove of home décor, jewelry, and accessories on Charles Street. The goal of owner Lana Barakat—who also operates December Thieves, a fashion boutique next door—is to source exquisitely manufactured goods from artists, designers, and purveyors worldwide. As she travels throughout the United States and abroad, Barakat’s eye is always focused on uncommon wares, pieces that are crafted in small batches. She develops long-lasting relationships with the independent designers whose products she stocks and can recite the stories behind each and every creator whose line she carries. The best part is that these creative elements are not found anywhere else in Boston. Stop here to source hostess gifts, dinnerware, and small artistic flourishes that will enhance the aesthetic of your home while providing fodder for conversation.

Pricing for the statement-making Togo Fireside Chair starts at $2,935. / Courtesy photo

Icon Status

When it was first presented at the Salon des Arts Ménagers in Paris in 1973, Ligne Roset’s Togo—a low-slung, all-foam cushion seat with no hard points—was met with some skepticism by professionals and the public. Yet the organizers of the fair awarded designer Michel Ducaroy the René Gabriel prize for “innovative and democratic” furniture. Two years later, the hippie generation embraced the Togo as a place to curl up, and the product’s momentum continued to surge. It’s turned up all over the world, in many hotels and in the home of several celebrities, including Lenny Kravitz. In continuous production since it was introduced, Togo remains one of Ligne Roset’s bestsellers. To commemorate Togo’s 50th anniversary this year, a special edition was released featuring the characteristic soft, pleated silhouette upholstered in Pierre Frey’s “La Toile du Peintre,” a contemporary tapestry with a large graphic pattern and vibrant colors that reinterprets a work by painter Heather Chontos. If you’re dreaming of lounging in this version—and we sure are—don’t hesitate; it’s only around until the end of 2023.

First published in the print edition of Boston Home’s Fall 2023 issue, with the headline, “What’s In Store.”