Morning Lines

papers_8_9.jpgUm, hooray? Attorney General Martha Coakley made good on her promise to pursue criminal charges in last summer’s tunnel collapse, and indicted Powers Fasteners for not warning contractors about the dangers of using a fast-dry epoxy. Powers maintains that they warned the contractors about the dangers. [Globe][Herald]

We still feel totally safe. After the recent string of flying manhole covers and Minnesota’s bridge collapse, it’s not totally reassuring to hear that chunks of the Tobin Bridge are falling on boats. The Massachusetts Port Authority is doing inspections and says the bridge is structurally sound. [Globe]

Mo’ money, mo’ problems. State Treasurer Timothy Cahill got uppity with Governor Patrick after Patrick publicly criticized Cahill’s performance-based pay package that would have doubled state pension fund manager Michael Travaglini’s salary. Patrick says it wouldn’t be fair to the other children to pay Travaglini so much more. We want to know how we get in on this salary-doubling action. [Globe]