The Week that Was

BD_papi.jpgChronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Summer hours edition).

Sex at Milton! There is so much more to say, and yet that pretty much says it all.

Not on my lawn: Our former governor continues his sad attempt to run for president of Red State Nation.

Papi’s Big Ride: David Ortiz tries to sell one of his cars on eBay and finds no actual bidders.

Why doesn’t Hilary have a ringer-T? The selling of the presidency, one commemorative knick-knack at a time.

Harvard doesn’t want you: But it would like to teach the world to go all-in.

The first rule of Oprah’s Book Club: Don’t mess with Oprah.

Here come the moralists: Tom Brady is a dad, and everyone has an opinion.

F-ing Pigeons: Crushing our spirits, and possibly our bridges.

The Chris Evans Diaries: We can always say we knew way you back when you were on our cover.