Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

gambling_r6_c2.gifHope you didn’t have today in the pool: Governor Deval Patrick isn’t ready to endorse or fight casino gambling in Massachusetts, saying he needs two more weeks before he goes public with his decision. Well of course he needs more time–he was on vacation. [WCVB]

What kind of person extorts a crazy cat lady and his own mother? A Rhode Island man has been charged with extortion after he demanded about $20,000 from his mother to not kidnap her cat. Sick. []

We knew we hated those things for a reason: Not only are Crocs ugly, but they’re also dangerous. Fox reports that a boy in Texas had his big toenail ripped off after his Croc got stuck in an escalator. [Fox 25]

Now this is political discourse: After he was pressured by a high school student in New Hampshire, John McCain responded with “thanks for the question, you little jerk” and showed good humor when faced with other tough questions from students. In an era of manufactured sound bites, it’s good to hear an old man telling a kid off. [WBZ]