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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

papers_9_6.jpgPaying respect: 15,000 firefighters are expected to attend the funeral of firefighter Paul Cahill today in West Roxbury. [Herald]

They’re gonna need a ride: Budget cuts in Randolph have eliminated school bus service. Well, at least all that walking will cut the obesity rates. [Globe]

How much stress can there be at this job? Thomas Graves, the former commander of the USS Constitution, is facing charges that he assaulted a sailor. Dude, it’s not that imporant– the boat doesn’t go anywhere. Relax. [Herald]

No rain: If you’ve been in a good mood lately, maybe it’s because it’s barely rained all summer. Leaves are already changing color because of the dryness, and forest fires are breaking out. And, while we like the sun, we’re a little freaked out that we’ve seen it for so long. [Globe]