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papers_9_7.jpgYou can’t have it both ways: Residents of Boston are angry because the city has been towing their cars to clean the streets after they complained about how dirty the streets were. Lawmakers are angry that the city is only making $10 a tow when the rules are enforced, but private companies make about $100. [Herald]

What’s the frequency, Brockton? Pirate radio operators in Brockton interfered with Logan’s air traffic control frequency. Hey, independent radio operators–we hate mainstream radio too, but Logan doesn’t need anything to make landing a plane more difficult. [Globe]

That will set you off your Cheerios: Holliston High School’s girls soccer team is in trouble after they urinated on rival Medway’s soccer field and posted pictures of the incident online. Mercifully, the Herald does not supply those images. [Herald]

This is only a test: Scads of emergency workers will descend on the South End and West Roxbury on September 23 for a drill. Postal workers will deliver empty boxes that, in the event of an emergency, would contain antibiotics to fight a bioterror attack (or the BU Biolab going kablooie?). [Globe]