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1190205322Wrong answer: Eric Gagne is never, ever the answer. The lead is at a panic-worthy 2.5 games. [Globe, Herald]

The backlash begins: Some local business and restaurant organizations fear a casino will take business away from them. Other business groups expect that it’ll all work out because gamblers will invest their winnings in diamonds. [Globe]

Deval and the Donald: Donald Trump is interested in building a casino in Massachusetts. If anyone will reflect the class and style of Massachusetts in a casino design, it’s the Donald. [Herald]

Everything’s gonna be just fine. Maybe: Economists predict that New England will not be as affected as much as other areas of the country due to our diverse economy. But, if consumer spending drops off, other economists say we’re screwed. [Globe]

Breaking News: State workers get good pensions: The Herald reports that 85 retirees receive six-figure pensions as our infrastructure crumbles around us. [Herald]