The Week That Was

1192808770Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Josh Beckett For Mayor edition).

Casinos, Part I: The Donald Wants In. Let the feuding begin.

Casinos, Part II: Tim Cahill comes out firing, and he’s supposed to be on the governor’s side?

Who you calling homely, Ryan? Not this librarian.


The Best Sports Town in America: How high will idle Boston College be in the polls on Sunday?

We found Charlie and he’s trying to get to Somerville: Maybe this time he’ll have a chance. Maybe.

Craig to Romney: It’s ov-ah. Bob Jones, however…


It’s Tsongas over Ogonowski: Somehow we’re sure it’s the immigrants fault. Unless it was Bush’s.

Howie, still stuck in neutral: Except for Virtual Howie, of course.

The things we’ll do to entertain you: Like get red hair extensions.


Rats are taking over the city: This can’t be good.

Consolidate the what, now? Instead of bring the transportation authorities to heel, let’s give them a raise!

We get no love at the Define-a-thon: Damn Popsicles.


Dear Big Dig Contractors: You’ve taken everything else, can we have our dogs back?

More Romney: He wants to tie financial aid to potential career choices? And don’t get him started on single mother’s. Please.

Patrick struggles with the whole endorsement game: To quote Jim Braude, “When did you decide you didn’t want to be Hilary’s attorney general?”

The next big thing: Not likely to be Fort Point.


Kellergate: Good thing we have so many media experts in this town who aren’t driven by their own personal biases.

Good Baby Good: Ben Affleck is back.

Bonus Red Sox Ramblings

Josh Beckett: Stud. Seriously, you thought an ex girl friend would distract him, Cleveland?

Hate to point out the obvious: But it’s not 2004 anymore.

We still liked Wake in Game 4: And so did Gammons.