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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

Happy Halloween: Some Salem residents lament their city’s status as the Halloween capitol of the world, saying the holiday has gotten too commercial and out of control. Funny, that’s what we like about Salem in October. [Globe]

Merry Christmas: The developer of a new high-rise next to the Filene’s building gave Downtown Crossing an early Christmas gift by delaying demolition until after the holiday shopping season. Keeping Filene’s Basement open during the holidays would have been more helpful to the area, but this works too. [Herald]

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Proponents of casino gambling are upset that the House will hold hearings on the social ills associated with gambling before hearings on Governor Deval Patrick’s full proposal. [Globe]

It’s their party and they’ll be cheap if they want to: After demanding that the rolling rally be held yesterday, the Red Sox are also leaving the city with a huge bill for the celebration. Corporate sponsors and the federal government will help defray some of the cost, but it seems like the team could come up with a few thousand to help out. [Herald]