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1194960967On the positive side, we can’t have a mortgage crisis without mortgages: Huge lending firms may stop issuing mortgages in Massachusetts if Attorney General Martha Coakley’s new broker legislation takes effect on Thursday. The major sticking point is how brokers can collect payment from their victims customers. [Herald]

All politics is local: Medicaid changes proposed by the Bush administration may cost Massachusetts $100 million annually and could result in drastic service cuts. Just in time for the holidays! [Globe]

The Patriots are unmoved: The Patriots don’t plan to give veterans tickets or introduce them to any players after they were let down this weekend. Which makes sense, since they’re not the ones who promised players would be at the Veterans Day celebration, National Guard. [Herald]

Romney being Romney: Mitt Romney’s methodical style has set his campaign apart from the persona-based bids of his fellow contenders. Who needs a persona when you’ve got great hair and a weekly campaign theme? [Globe]