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1195479373Like you wouldn’t work a 60-hour week to double your salary: State police officers who patrol the Massachusetts Turnpike are raking in so much overtime it effectively doubles their base pay. Turnpike officials say the Big Dig ceiling collapse required officers to work more, and that if they had more officers there would be fewer huge payouts. [Herald]

You’re fired. So I can give you an even better job! Governor Deval Patrick has nominated former commissioner of revenue Alan LeBovidge to run the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. His reaction? “I drive a car. This is not a transportation job. This is a management job. The road is done.” This is gonna be good. [Globe]

In praise of the artistic genius of the Herald, part II: Check out the amazing Photoshop job that accompanies this story about the Red Sox ownership’s efforts to expand Red Sox Nation into Connecticut. Jerry Remy riding in like Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish-American War is just what we needed to brighten our Monday. [Herald]

Great. Now we feel guilty about going to nail salons: In January, the Boston Public Health Commission will start a program to remind nail salon owners of the importance of ventilation and will encourage them to switch to safer products after a study showed that a large number of salon workers experience health problems. [Globe]