Stupid Campaign Tricks

1196104008Politicians are always looking to get ahead. Usually, a candidate achieves this by tearing apart his opponents until he stands upon the smoking heap of their dignity. But a former New Hampshire candidate tried to advance his own cause not by besmirching the record of others, but with a publicity stunt. Unfortunately, it backfired.

Last year, New Hampshire congressional candidate Gary Dodds staged an accident and subsequent disappearance, allegedly to bring attention to his campaign.

Investigators said that Gary Dodds faked an accident and disappearance in April 2006 because he believed that the publicity would increase the visibility of his primary campaign for the U.S. House. . . .

Dodds was missing for 24 hours in 2006 after a car accident on the Spaulding Turnpike in Dover and found with frostbite after a large-scale search.

Admittedly, lawn signs don’t sway as many voters as they used to, but surely there had to be an easier way to bring attention to his campaign. Maybe he should have explained his stance on the issues? Kissed a few babies?

Now we’re worried that someone on the national scene will take a page from the Dodds playbook and will stage his or her own death to bring attention to the campaign. If Chuck Norris can appear in an ad with a major-party presidential candidate, this brave new world can’t be too far behind. Our money’s on Fred Thompson—he’s already got the acting chops to pull it off.