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1197379556Safe Homes, or illegal search? Boston City Councilors grilled Deputy Superintendent Gary French on the new program that allows Boston Police to search homes in high-risk neighborhoods for guns without warrants. French assured them nobody’s rights would be violated, but the councilors remain skeptical. [Herald]

If they start taking a lot of trips in 2012, we’ll know why: Gov. Deval Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray have raked in $1.4 million from the special interest groups they railed against during their campaign last year. Murray claims the war chest will help keep them “politically strong.” [Globe]

Start checking for spent tickets in trash cans: Lottery officials are looking for an unclaimed Lucky Jubilee scratch ticket that’s worth $1 million. There are also some smaller prizes for other games that haven’t been claimed yet. [Herald]

But when you’re done rifling through the trash, put a lid on it: The city is begging residents to put their trash in lidded containers instead of tossing it out on the street to cut down on the food sources available to rats. [Globe]