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1198157098Dead candidate walking: Tom Tancredo, the Republican presidential hopeful best known for accusing the others of trying to “out-Tancredo Tancredo” is poised to drop out of the presidential race today. [Globe]

Gov. Deval Patrick get his friends something nice for Christmas: The Massachusetts governor hands another round of ammunition to Mitt Romney’s opponents, complaining that the former governor allowed employment numbers to slip during his governorship. [Herald]

Why are local water departments hotbeds of crime? This time it’s the Brookline Water Department, which is under investigation by the federal government for possible corruption. [Globe]

Hey, he had fun while he was here: The Herald goes through its files to find some great pictures of the late City Councilor Albert “Dapper” O’Neil, though not all of them are available online. Our favorite is the one of Dap serenading a belly dancer draped across his lap. [Herald]