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1201785313Mitt Romney won’t come crawling back to Massachusetts: Former Governor William Weld tells the Herald that Romney’s campaign can withstand a snub from the Bay State in Super Tuesday. Maybe, but he’ll sure look silly with all that egg on his face. [Herald]

Will God smite us if sell these above face value on StubHub? The Boston Archdiocese has 3,000 tickets to give to area Catholics who want to see the Pope on April 20. The bad news? Churchgoers will have to violate their second most important faith and sit in Yankee Stadium to see His Holiness. [Globe]

The assassination of JFK. The Challenger explosion. Mooninites: Where were you one year ago? Probably sitting in your office, rolling your eyes as Boston cops pulled LED devices with cartoon characters on them from under bridges. [Herald]

And we thought it was because we were on fire at the craps table: A fire that damaged 22 rooms at the Great Cedar Hotel at Foxwoods was caused by an electrical malfunction in a heating device. [Globe]