Up in Smoke

One of the fun ways to pass the time when football isn’t being played is to try to guess which Super Bowl participant will be this year’s Eugene Robinson. The former Falcon became notorious before the 1999 Super Bowl when he was busted for soliciting an undercover cop the night before the game.

So which Super Bowl XLII player got into Robinson-like trouble? None other than the Patriots own Willie Andrews.

Andrews was arrested yesterday when someone called the cops after spying plastic bags that looked like drugs in his car, a black Crown Vic with an expired registration and no insurance. Andrews pleaded not guilty to the charges of possession with intent to distribute and was released on his own recognizance.

Police say they found three bags containing “leafy substances” and over $6,000 in cash. Andrews had a brush with the law in 2002 and spent 30 days in jail before attending Baylor. We honestly hope the kid didn’t screw up as badly as it sounds like he did, but he sure picked a bad time to have a Kumar moment.