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1202390437Super Tuesday brings out the vultures: Several local politicians with mayoral aspirations see the defeat of Hillary Clinton on Mayor Tom Menino’s home turf as a sign of his diminishing political clout. [Herald]

Aides gone crazy: Gov. Deval Patrick’s assistant secretary for policy and planning has been charged with performing oral sex on a 15-year-old boy in Florida. Carl McGee is on unpaid leave until the charges are resolved. [Globe]

Aides gone crazy, the redemption: Former Romney staffer Jay Garrity has been cleared of the charges that he posed as a state trooper last June. Now get back to work, Jay. Mitt needs you! [Herald]

The firefighters union is just happy to have someone to talk to: In a bizarre meeting during which they could not discuss the continued battle over mandatory random drug tests, the Boston Firefighters Union and Boston City Council members met to just chat. About, you know, whatever. [Globe]