The Herald’s Big Weekend

1203440433File under Thank God We’re a Two Newspaper Town. Our local tab killed it this weekend, breaking two major stories, and providing an unapologetically salacious take on another.

On Saturday, Casey Ross broke the story about how the T has been secretly cutting bus runs to save money, and then lying about it afterwards—unquestionably a big story, which the Globe completely ignored.

Then O’Ryan Johnson broke the story about how the city’s newfangled police-citizen review board, created to forge a new spirit of transparency in Boston, has actually been meeting in secret and maintaining no minutes of what was being discussed. The Globe ignored this too, because, really, who wants to pull sloppy seconds off these dirtbags?

Then, on Sunday, both papers wrote about the arrest and subsequent resignation of Robert Somma, a Bush-appointed federal bankruptcy judge based in Boston. Here’s the Globe’s take on the incident:

Somma was arrested by police in Manchester at about 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 6, after he rear-ended a pickup truck at a traffic light in Manchester. No one was hurt in the accident, after which Somma was charged with driving while intoxicated and following too closely.

And here’s the Herald’s:

A 63-year-old Massachusetts federal bankruptcy judge has resigned a week after he was arrested for driving under the influence in New Hampshire while reportedly wearing a woman’s dress, heels and stockings, and carrying a purse.

Outstanding. Tragedy for the guy’s family. But outstanding.

Of course the Herald’s commenters, ordinary a bunch of angry (and presumably lonesome and unfulfilled) baboons, blame liberals and Deval for the incident. Although one, after calling another commenter “a loser,” does manage to get off a good line: “With a face like that he needs more than a dress.”