1203621892We don’t have much patience for sudoku. We see the puzzles as less of a challenge and more as an additional thing to frustrate us on our commute. We prefer to save our energy to puzzle out which doors on the train are actually going to open. But a friend of ours enjoys the game, and sent along this hot tip:

“Go get a copy of today’s BostonNow and turn to the sudoku puzzle in the back. The top one is set up like a swastika.”

At first, we were skeptical. But when we found a copy of the free daily we immediately saw the shape. Just to be certain we weren’t seeing something that wasn’t there, we took a poll of seven staffers around Boston Daily HQ. Sure enough, they all saw the pattern. We can only hope some poor Green Line commuter didn’t start waving her copy of the paper around while going through Newton this morning.

We’d say we’re shocked that a paper would run a puzzle that brings to mind the controversial symbol, but BostonNOW has always been exceptionally good at missing glaringly obvious things that lie in plain sight.