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1204032416It’s the convenient way to pay all our debt-saddled agencies: Turnpike Chairman Alan LeBovidge wants to create an uber-FastPass that would allow commuters to pay for tolls, parking, and T fare with one card. [Herald]

Good news, bad news: The good—Mayor Tom Menino’s administration is playing games with the Boston Public Library again. The bad? Bernard Margolis refrains from calling Menino a big fat idiot dictator. They’ve finally broken him. [Globe]

So. . . does this mean we can download porn or not? Comcast defended itself at a hearing yesterday where members of the FCC wanted to know why the company blocked file-sharing by some users. [Herald]

Are things going from bad to worse for Roger Clemens? The New York Times reports that a letter has been drafted that asks the Justice Department to investigate whether Clemens lied to Congress when he testified on February 13. [Globe]