Mike Ross: Boston City Councilor and Multimedia Mogul?

1204304209We were happy to see that our old pal Boston City Councilor Mike Ross is doing well. The Allston-Brighton Tab reports that his proposal to limit the number of undergraduate students living in an apartment to four was unanimously approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and is on its way to the Zoning Commission. We called Ross to congratulate him on the proposal’s success.

“I have hundreds of letters,” he told us. “People say that, but I literally have hundreds of letters from all over the city supporting this proposal.”

But Ross isn’t communicating with his constituents through snail mail alone. He’s also utilizing MySpace.

Boston Daily Googled Councilor Ross this morning (we like to keep tabs on all our friends) and found his MySpace page. We feared that someone had co-opted his identity, so we made sure it was really affiliated with him. Ross confirmed that his former chief of staff spent a few hours setting it up for him.

Ross’ Top Friend is Deval Patrick, and his comment wall is plastered with greetings from girls that were in his math class in junior high along with various holiday wishes. But the best thing about his MySpace page (aside from the lack of sparkly butterflies) is his blog. Especially this entry, which reads in part:

Oh, and as I watched him on the stage

His hands were clenched in fists of rage.

Illegal immigrants he yells

How dare do they excel

Yet back home in Belmont, Mass

His front yard lawn gets the pass

Those immigrants he lambasts cut his grass

It’s all good on Romney’s ride

Cute, right? Who wrote it?

“I absolutely, proudly wrote it. I performed it too. It’s on YouTube,” Ross explained. He’s a renaissance man!

After watching it, it’s clear Councilor Ross won’t be leaving Boston to perform on American Idol anytime soon. He says its all in the name of having some fun and communicating with residents. Ross also promised to accept our friend request. We’re holding you to that pledge, councilor.