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1207139257Who will slur the sports headlines at us now? Bob Lobel got the boot in the WBZ layoffs, as did veteran entertainment reporter Joyce Kulhawik and reporter/anchor Scott Wahle. [Herald]

Hopefully the folks at WBZ made like our cities and towns: State Treasurer Tim Cahill advised local government officials to stash some cash in case the state is in even worse financial condition next year. Thanks for the pep talk, Tim! [Herald]

And tax hikes aren’t looking like a viable option: Three out of four communities that attempted to pass Proposition 2 1/2 overrides yesterday were denied by residents. [Globe]

Gov. Patrick takes it to the bloggers: Chief of staff Doug Rubin wrote a post for Blue Mass Group in an attempt to move past that whole casino and book deal debacle. Readers were not buying it. [Globe]