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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

1212064224This puts our late train into perspective: An MBTA conductor was killed and almost a dozen passengers were brought to the hospital after two Green Line trains collided in Newton last night. [Herald, Globe]

Oopsie: Boston Police released a suspect wanted in New Jersey on murder charges after his fingerprints took too long to process. [Globe]

God love the Herald’s headline writers: Trolleys usually reserved for shuttling fanny pack-wearing midwesterners around Boston will be used for a city-sponsored “blightseeing tour” of foreclosed homes this weekend. [Herald]

Life in the FastLane: The city is cracking down on cabbies who don’t use FastLane transponders when bringing fares in from Logan. [Herald]

At least there’s some uplifting news: The Globe caught up with twins who were thrown from a burning building back in 1978, and they’re doing just fine. [Globe]