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1213100647We can’t wait to hear the union president’s comments on this one: Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser has hired two non-union individuals for management positions in the department. And get this—they’re women. [Globe]

This guy can’t catch a break: Two months after a judge rejected his bid for a new trial in the killing of fashion writer Christina Worthington, Christopher McCowen was stabbed by a fellow inmate with a 7-inch “makeshift weapon.” [Herald]

If you hadn’t gotten laid for 17 years, you’d be making a lot of noise too: Experts warn residents on the Cape to prepare for an explosion of periodical cicadas that raise quite a ruckus as they commence their mating dance, which happens only once every 17 years. [Globe]

Hopefully all the bug nookie doesn’t keep Ted up: Ted Kennedy returned home yesterday, and promptly went for a sail. [Herald]