The Week That Was

Chronicling the past (short) week via quick links and pithy commentary (we’re leaving early to beat the traffic edition).

Manny Ramirez got pushy: And the situation with the Red Sox only got worse as the week went on.

Former Tufts officials get charged with stealing: And allegedly went on kind of lame shopping spree.

Another big challenge for Commissioner Davis: The investigation into the death of a Celtics fan after he was in police custody looks to be a contentious one.

We found out who to be mad at for this week’s bizarre weather: Meteorologist Ken Barlow says we can blame Canada.

Ha ha. . . wait, that’s not funny: The situation with the Longfellow is getting way out of hand.

Bloggers get serious about Rep. James Fagan’s tirade: And we got a present!

McCain/Romney: Rumors are flying that it may actually happen.

Shades of Goldklank: Somehow, WHDH anchors read about Jacqueline Kent Cooke’s arrest with a straight face.

Just in time for the long weekend: Boston’s beaches aren’t that gross.

Hello, new blogger friends! Political junkies like us herald the arrival of

We’re proud to be Americans: Especially when Mayor Tom Menino cuts a cake with a sword.

Paging Whitey Bulger: The state has some of your money. Come and get it!

Massachusetts goes green: Everyone’s excited for the Green Communities Act.

If we’d read this post six months ago, we wouldn’t have believed it: The Hill and the Hall looks back on the half-year in politics, and Gov. Deval Patrick comes out looking great.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be stocking up on hot dogs and miniature American flags.