Gisele Gets Fugly

We’ve made our peace with Gisele Bundchen. It seems that our future husband New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t going to break up with the supermodel anytime soon, even if she is less cool than his baby-mama, Bridget Moynahan. We’ll even grudgingly admit that the Brazilian bombshell looks great in most of her pictures.

1216152231Then we saw Gisele’s latest work, which will appear in V Magazine.


Gisele, honey: That’s an “outfit” we’d see on Revere Beach on a hot day, not something you should be modeling. Remember, the seam on your denim cutoffs should not serve as a thong.

The supermodel says that she agreed to the pictures because they were shot by photographer Mario Testino. Though we’d be loath to pair our underboob with a denim swatch, one Bostonista informed us that “You just don’t say no to Mario Testino.”

There goes our modeling career.