Is Massachusetts the Mississippi of the North?

Is Massachusetts the Mississippi of the North? Guess so, at least according to Herald columnist Michael Graham.  [Herald]

What Elizabeth Warren Talked About When She Wasn't Holding Back. The Globe lobs one at Elizabeth Warren for changing her tune now that the campaign is over. (“Here’s what Elizabeth Warren needs to understand — immediately. Tens of thousands of good, honest, hard-working people sent her tens of millions of dollars to run what amounted to the most expensive and elaborate political campaign that this state has ever seen. She owes them the respect of openness and honesty — discretion be damned,” writes Brian McGrory.) Dan Ring on MassLive saw it like this: “Warren was brief in answering some questions but she opened up a bit when asked about the advances by women in the Senate and her game plan for protecting the defense industry in Massachusetts.”  [MassLive]

Patriots to Dedicate Empty Seat at Gillette Stadium to Missing Soldiers. The permanent black seat in the south end of the stadium dons a plaque that reads, “This unoccupied seat is dedicated to the memory of those brave men and women and to the sacrifices each made in serving this country.”  [WCVB]

Watch Brandon Lloyd Jump Over a Smart Car. So when Lloyd isn't capturing our hearts while looking quite photogenic en route to the endzone, he's doing things like jumping over cars while they're driving at him. Watch the video (and heed the disclaimer, please):

Hilarious Photos of a Baby Sleeping Through a Sightseeing Tour of Boston. Moominmomma captured Ted's trip to Boston in all of its shut-eyed glory.  [Tumblr]