The Founder of the Bose Corporation Passed Away

Dr. Amar Bose died at the age of 83. He was a former MIT faculty member, and chairman of the company.

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Dr. Amar Bose, the man who “revolutionized” the way people listen to their music through headphones, and other acoustic designs, passed away at the age of 83, according to the Bose Corporation.

Bose founded the electronics company nearly 50 years ago, in 1964, which is headquartered in Massachusetts, and made products that were based on research he conducted at MIT.

In a statement posted to the company’s website, Bob Maresca, President of the Bose Corporation, praised Bose for his hard work and dedication. “It is impossible to put into words what Dr. Bose meant to each of us, and to Bose. [He] was more than our Chairman. He was our teacher—always encouraging us, always believing that we could do great things, and that anything was possible. He was an incredible mentor and inspiration to Bose employees around the world. Today, and everyday going forward, our hearts are with him, and our work will honor him,” he said.

Bose, who once worked at MIT as a faculty member, received his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate from the school, all in electrical engineering, according to MIT News.

The school’s president, L. Rafael Reif, said in a statement Friday that he “learned” from the “gifted professor” :

This proud MIT graduate, professor and innovator was a true giant who over decades enriched the Institute he loved with his energy, dedication, motivation and wisdom. I have never known anyone like him. I will miss him. MIT will miss him. The world will miss him.

On a memorial page dedicated to the late engineer, employees wrote that his death was a loss for mankind.“He was one of the best. I am proud to work for this company. I will always remember him,” one person wrote.

Another person sent his “deepest condolences” to the family of Bose, and thanked the innovator for “letting us enjoy all the sounds and music of the world.”