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Where Massachusetts Colleges Placed in the 2021 U.S. News & World Report Rankings

Picking a college is tough in a good year, when going off to college at the very least means fully enjoying the undergrad experience in […]

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Could COVID-19 Have Escaped from a Lab?

In January, as she watched the news about a novel virus spreading out of control in China, Alina Chan braced for a shutdown. The molecular […]

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Would You Take Weekly COVID Tests to Go to College?

Just picture it: You’re a bright-eyed college freshman, showing up at one of the Boston area’s elite academic institutions and enjoying the enormous boost at […]

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City of Spies

Charles Lieber had a brilliant mind. So it was widely assumed, at least among the rarified upper echelons of the scientific community, that there would […]

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MIT Out-MITs Itself; Builds Full Scale Campus Replica on Minecraft

Even before in-person classes were canceled and the stay-at-home advisory was issued, escalating concerns about coronavirus had MIT students buzzing. As it became clear that […]

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The Founders of Spaceus Are Exploring New Ways to Exhibit Art

Stephanie Lee: While we were studying architecture at MIT, Ellen and I began to have conversations about local institutions’ lack of support for creativity. As […]

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MIT and Harvard Add to Their Nobel Collections

In yet another win at the institutions this year, Harvard and MIT today are celebrating the news that three of their researchers have been awarded […]

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After Saying Sex with Minors Is Not Always Sexual Assault, MIT Scientist Resigns

Richard Stallman, a MacArthur genius grant recipient, Internet Hall of Fame inductee, and well-known computer scientist at MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, has […]

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A New Report Shows the Lengths MIT Went to Hide its Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Another day, another major news break on the MIT Media Lab’s deep ties to Jeffrey Epstein, and the lengths to which the university appears to have gone […]

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As Surveillance Goes Mainstream, Can Boston Tame Big Brother?

How many times do you think your face has been captured and plugged into an AI database today? Your mug, after all, is being scanned, […]

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MIT Says Taking Jeffrey Epstein’s $800,000 in Donations Was a Mistake

Whatever MIT thought it was doing when it accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Jeffrey Epstein, the supposed billionaire and accused child sex trafficker, […]

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MIT Figures Say They’re Leaving over the Media Lab’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

As MIT’s Media Lab continues to reckon with director Joi Ito’s collaboration with accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, two members of the prestigious group […]

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MIT’s Joi Ito on Work with Jeffrey Epstein: “I Am Terribly Sorry”

Before the allegations of running a child sex trafficking ring caught up to Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire was a regular fixture in Boston’s academic circles, cavorting […]

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An MIT Satellite Named TESS Just Discovered Three New Worlds

Discovering three new worlds sounds like a pretty daunting task, but for NASA’s TESS, a transiting exoplanet survey satellite developed by MIT, it’s all in a day’s […]

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After 20 Years, Someone Finally Solved This MIT Puzzle

So he’s not a janitor, and the problem he solved wasn’t scrawled on a chalkboard, but we may have a real-life Good Will Hunting situation on […]