Become a Lego Master For a Day

Build something epic with the experts from Legoland Discovery Center.



While the chance to scoop up a gig as the Master Model Builder for the Legoland Discovery Center in Somerville has come and gone, there’s still an opportunity for one lucky Lego fanatic to play the role for a day.

Legoland announced this week that they’re running a contest where the winner will be allowed to build their “dream creation” with the help of Ian Coffey, who won the Brick Factor competition to become the museum’s lead builder in January.

The contestant who takes home the top prize will get to spend the day with Coffey during a private session to build a project of their liking. All participants have to do to get their hands on mounds of Lego blocks is snap a photo of themselves with the object they’d like to recreate—surely there’s limitations, but they haven’t been specified in the contest rules—and send it in via social media.

Using the hashtag #IWantToBuild, wannabe Lego-masters can submit their photos on either Facebook or Twitter. The contest, which started on July 1, will run through August, at which point a winner will be selected.

The key is to pick something that is likely to get built in a shorter time frame, since the larger projects that the experts at Legoland create as part of their daily job take days to complete. For example, adding to their ongoing collection of Boston-themed productions, Legoland staff recently finished up a replica of the U.S.S. Constitution. While the ship’s size pales in comparison to the actual boat floating in Boston’s harbor, it took builders 85 hours to complete.

The Legoland Discovery Center opened in Assembly Square in May. It features 44,000 square-feet of space, jam-packed with small-scale versions of some of Boston’s most iconic sites and buildings.