The Herald Endorses Marco Rubio, Who Hates Tom Brady and the Patriots

The Flordia senator loves his Dolphins.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

The Boston Herald has endorsed its second Republican presidential hopeful of the 2016 election season, after its first love, New Jersey governor and turgid Bruce Springsteen fanboy Chris Christie dropped out of the race following a poor showing in the New Hampshire primary and languishing poll numbers. Make no mistake: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is the tabloid’s guy now.

“Throughout his career Rubio has proved his conservative but practical bona fides. In Massachusetts, we have a special fondness for elected officials who remain firm in their convictions, but who see the wisdom in working with their ideological counterparts,” the Herald‘s editorial board wrote. “If voters can see past their anger to understand the importance of that approach, and the generational significance of the candidate who espouses it, the choice of Marco Rubio will be an easy one.”

On the campaign trail Tuesday, Rubio, an avowed Miami Dolphins fan, shared his feelings about New England Patriots quarterback/division rival/architect of all his sorrows Tom Brady.

But prior to the New Hampshire primary, Rubio told the crowd assembled at the McKelvie Intermediate School in Bedford: “If I’m elected president, I’m going to put Brady in charge of some cabinet position. And I’m making Belichick in charge of the Defense Department. And Gronkowski’s going to become the ambassador to Poland. That’s not a joke. We’re going to offer these things to them.”

In other episodes, Rubio speculated on Brady’s retirement.

Rubio’s unwavering love of the Phins is well-documented. His favorite game is a Monday Night Football matchup between the then-undefeated 1985 Chicago Bears and Miami. He even married a former Dolphins cheerleader. His personnel evaluations, on the other hand, are somewhat spotty.

Rubio’s opponents, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and real estate mogul Donald Trump, have wasted no opportunity to endear themselves to the Patriots fans of the New England electorate. Cruz, making a stop in Andover, Massachusetts, told supporters he thought Brady was framed for Deflategate and Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was behind it, a line he would later recycle ad nauseum.

Trump and Brady, meanwhile, are consummate pals. Brady has more or less supported Trump throughout this election cycle, while Trump says he could get a full-blown endorsement from both No. 12 and Pats owner Robert Kraft, but won’t ask and put them in an awkward position.