The 100 Funniest, Weirdest, Most Curious Boston Street Names

See you on Goodenough Street.

Photo via iStock/svanhorn

Photo via iStock/svanhorn

At our request, Mayor Marty Walsh’s office provided us with a copy of Boston’s Streets, a 202-page list of every street, road, avenue, boulevard and footpath in Boston, commissioned by the City Council in 1996 and prepared by the Public Works Department. Meticulously compiled and comprehensive in scope, the book details each street’s ward, precinct, district, ZIP code, neighborhood, and cross-streets.

So naturally, we pored over the thing and found the funniest-sounding ones. Two immediate observations: whoever named Brighton’s streets had remarkable panache; and we seem to love naming streets after composers (Beethoven Street, Chopin Plaza, Haydn Street, Liszt Street, Mahler Road, Mozart Street).

We’ve excluded private ways from the list, so sadly, that leaves out Chickamunga Park in Roxbury, Thor Terrace in Brighton, Seafood Way in South Boston, and Head Place, Pie Alley, and Crab Alley in Boston proper.

Listed alphabetically below are the 100 streets whose toponymy tickled us so. Let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed your favorite.


Annafran Street, Hyde Park

Antwerp Street, Brighton

Arbutus Street, Dorchester

Argyle Street, Dorchester

Ascot Street, Brighton

Atwill Road, West Roxbury

Au Bon Pain Way, South Boston


Batterymarch Street, Boston

Beethoven Street, West Roxbury

Bird Street, Dorchester

Blagden Street, Boston

Bobolink Street, West Roxbury

Bonad Road, West Roxbury


Caddy Road, Dorchester

Chappie Street, Chestnut Hill

Chickatawbut Street, Dorchester

Child Street, Hyde Park, West Roxbury

Chiswick Road, Brighton

Chittick Road, Hyde Park

Chopin Plaza, Roxbury

Clapp Street, Dorchester

Clipper Ship Lane, East Boston

Cricket Lane, West Roxbury


Dalrymple Street, West Roxbury

Dingley Place, Boston

Donnybrook Road, Brighton

Druid Street, Dorchester

Dunboy Street, Brighton

Dunwell Street, West Roxbury


Electric Avenue, Brighton

Elven Road, West Roxbury

Euclid Street, Dorchester

Eutaw Street, East Boston


Favre Street, Dorchester

Flood Square, South Boston

Friend Street, Boston

Friendship Road, Hyde Park

Fruit Street, Boston

Furbush Road, West Roxbury


Goethe Street, West Roxbury

Goff Street, Hyde Park

Goodenough Street, Brighton


Hackensack Road, West Roxbury

Hagar Street, West Roxbury

Half Moon Street, Dorchester

Hamlet Street, Dorchester

Haydn Street, West Roxbury

Henchman Street, Boston

Huntoon Street, Dorchester


Joy Street, Boston

Kosciuszko Circle, Dorchester


Landseer Street, West Roxbury

Life Street, Brighton

Liszt Street, West Roxbury

Liverpool Street, East Boston


Magazine Street, Roxbury

Mahler Road, West Roxbury

Marginal Road, Boston

Mascot Street, Dorchester

Mattakeeset Street, Hyde Park

Michaelangelo Street, Boston

Milk Street, Boston

Mishawum Street, Chestnut Hill

Moon Street, Boston

Mozart Street, Roxbury

Myopia Road, Hyde Park


Narragansett Street, Dorchester

Neptune Circle, East Boston

Norway Street, Roxbury


Opera Place, Roxbury

Organ Park Street, West Roxbury

Pilsudski Way, South Boston


Ransom Road, Brighton

Raven Street, Dorchester

Reservation Road, Hyde Park

Rill Street, Dorchester

Roach Street, Dorchester

Rugby Road, Dorchester

Ruggles Street, Roxbury


Sackville Street, Chestnut Hill

Solaris Road, Hyde Park

Spice Street, Chestnut Hill

Spofford Road, Brighton

Sunnyside Street, Hyde Park, Roxbury

Supple Road, Dorchester

Swallow Street, South Boston

Symphony Road, Roxbury


Tennis Road, Dorchester

Tesla Street, Dorchester

Thoreau Path, Boston

Thwing Street, Roxbury

Tip Top Street, Brighton

Twombley Place, Roxbury


Ukraine Way, West Roxbury

Unity Street, Boston

Viking Street, South Boston


Wait Street, Roxbury

Wigglesworth Street, Roxbury

Woodstock Avenue, Brighton

Yuletide Road, Dorchester