Two Ducks Got Married in Manchester, New Hampshire

Best wishes to Pierre and Plumpty.

If two ducks are going to enter into solemn vows of everlasting love and breadcrumbs, let it be in Manch Vegas.

Mallards Pierre and Plumpty tied the knot last weekend before a kindergarten class of well-wishers in Manchester, New Hampshire. And this soiree had everything, from kindergarteners quacking to the tune of “Here Comes the Bride,”  to a duck tuxedo (duxedo?).

Pierre and Plumpty were hatched two years ago at Weston Elementary School, so it only made sense that they return there to waddle down a petal-lined aisle together. Principal Liz MacDonald officiated the ceremony, held in the school’s gymnasium, while Manchester fire chief Dan Goonan’s ducklings, Ella and Emmett, served as flower girl and ring bearer.

“Today we are gathered to marry Plumpty and Pierre, who have been in love since they hatched,” MacDonald said, according to WMUR. “Do you promise to share a nest, and mealworms and do you promise to keep other warm in good times and in bad times?”

Many years of love and happiness to Pierre and Plumpty, and let us know when we ought to… make way for ducklings.