The Jaguars Will Face the Patriots in the AFC Championship, and the Internet Cannot Believe It

Jacksonville, not Pittsburgh, will get to lose to New England on Sunday.

photo via AP/Don Wright

The Jaguars’ unlikely victory over the Steelers Sunday, which will keep Pittsburgh from facing the Patriots in the AFC Championship, was a sight to behold.

It was a great night for Jaguars’ fans, who overcame long odds, and an awful one for the Steelers. For those tuning in without any allegiances, it was simply surreal.

Now, the assumption, of course, is that the Patriots will crush the Jaguars like bugs on their way to the big game. “The Patriots know it. The Jaguars, God bless ’em, they know it, too,” writes the Globe‘s Dan Shaughnessy. “Everybody knows it.”

So fans of the Super Bowl-dominant Patriots are predictably taking the opportunity to taunt both teams.

But the gnarliest, most ruthless own was the work of none other than the Jags themselves. In response to Steelers safety Mike Mitchell’s comments before the game that his team could beat the Pats in “Hell,” “Haiti,” or “New England,” the team hit them with this:


Meanwhile, Steelers fan Snoop Dogg mourned, and offered once again to help the Pats celebrate when they win.

“Mr. Kraft, get at me about the Super Bowl after party like we always do,” a dejected Snoop said into a camera. “If these motherfuckers can’t get it done, I guess I’ll go get that money from the Patriots again.”

It was overall a good weekend for sports-related memes, as shown in this tasty collection of weirdness from the similarly incredible Saints/Vikings game.

Also headlines.

What a weekend.

Further from Foxborough the situation for Sunday’s game is seen as as way less of a sure bet. There is even, if you can believe it, a contingent out there who believe the Pats/Jaguars matchup is bad for New England.

Still, there are some daunting statistics laid out for the Jaguars.

Should the Patriots be worried about the Jaguars and Blake Bortles? We’ll see next Sunday, but in the meantime, we’ll let Bryan Cranston take this one.