Final Cut

There’s nothing like a knife that fits well in the hand.


Photograph by Jonathan Kozowyk. Hair and Makeup by Michelle McGrath/Team.

Esti Parsons’s favorite part of prepping a big dinner is the chopping. “It’s mindless, and gives me a chance to zone out,” she says. Which is why Parsons, who owns the restaurant Sam’s at Louis with her husband, Drew, would absolutely love to acquire a few of these handcrafted knives, designed by the Cambridge-based artisan Adam Simha. “They just feel good in your hands,” she says. They have “a great weight to them.” In other words, these saber-sharp blades are perfect for slicing and dicing the fresh vegetables Parsons picks from her home garden during the harvest season.

Custom chef’s knife, $575, MKS Knife, 617-876-0103,