Best of Boston Home 2014

Our annual guide to the local designers and resources that dazzled us this past year.


Natural light spills into this luxurious dining room designed by Kristin Paton. (Photograph by Eric Roth)

Design excellence doesn’t simply bubble forth from the ground. It takes months, and sometimes years, after the architect and interior designer begin their work for the seed of an idea to blossom into a lush garden. Between that first notion and the completion of a project, countless decisions need to be made, often in intense collaboration.

We believe that the success of the work depends on the success of that collaboration. Therefore, we decided to put projects in context—and honor those who achieved beauty as much through their innate talents as through their ability to work well together.

The following showcase 11 spaces, indoor and out, that represent the collaborative work of more than 75 local professionals. While the styles of the rooms themselves range from traditional to ultra-modern, all are carefully considered and lovingly crafted, and in that way, are testaments to the skills of the myriad hands that brought them to fruition.

Bedroom | Dining Room | Living Room | Kitchen

Spa Bathroom | Services | Entry | Mudroom

Library | Kids’ Room | Office | Landscape

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