Either-Or: New Bedford vs. Dorchester

Two listings. The same price. What’s worth it?

Welcome to Either-Or, where we compare two listings with the same price—one in Boston and one outside. Build your own conclusions.


Photos courtesy of Redfin

To remind you that price tags in Boston are a special breed, we’ve been presenting two homes listed at the same price each week. This time, it’s a battle of two towns along the Atlantic, where the decision comes down to favoring regal Victorian living or a compact condo reality.

The first is a single-family in New Bedford built in 1925. A short drive from the New Bedford Whaling Museum, it’s decked out in lavish decor. The second is a somewhat generic condo in Dorchester. Both are well-maintained despite their age. They share a price tag of $274,900.

The Snapshot Comparison

166 Mount Pleasant Street, New Bedford
Price: $274,900
Size: 2,400 square feet
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 1.5

60 Gibson Street #301, Dorchester
Price: $274,900
Size: 765 square feet
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1



The unit in Dorchester is within walking distance to Fields Corner. Before it was a condo complex, the building used to be a school. The kitchen boasts Shaker-style cabinets, and both bedrooms have spacious closets. There’s also a common laundry area on the same floor as the unit. And while it contains two bedrooms, the place only comes with one deeded parking space.

About an hour’s drive to the south is the Victorian home in New Bedford. It’s more than three times larger than the Dorchester condo, and yet most of that additional space doesn’t equate to more bedrooms—the house has just one more bedroom than the condo. The Victorian offers a newly renovated kitchen, office space, a third-floor rec room, an above-ground pool, and a hot tub.

Both the condo and the house have one full bath, although the New Bedford residence includes an additional half bath. There are an abundance of windows (and light) in each home. The biggest difference between the two properties is in—you guessed it—the price breakdown. The New Bedford home is $115 per square foot, whereas Dorchester’s condo is more than triple that at $359 per square foot. The Victorian house does have a lot of living space, but it could be easy for it to go unused. For $274,900, which one gets more bang for its buck?