Five Apartments for Rent Built in the 19th Century

Think of all the people who've called these places home.

boston apartments 19th century

Photo courtesy of Zumper

Apartment hunting in Boston is overwhelming for a whole slew of reasons—heavy competition, pricing, and spiraling out of control on Craigslist are just a few of them. So, for your convenience, we’re highlighting a few Zumper listings with one unique characteristic. This round, it’s a time period rather than a feature. The 1800s were an exciting time in Boston’s history—and these five buildings were part of the period’s building boom. While shopping around for a place, you can think of all of the people who’ve called these places home over the years.

Below, peruse five apartments for rent in Boston that were built in the 19th century.

1. 314 Dartmouth St #A, Boston
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2.5
Rent: $8,500 per month

While this apartment leans on the luxurious side, its history might make the price tag worth it. The building was constructed in 1871 as a single-family residence for Brahmins known as the Crowninshield family. It exudes the same Old World craftsmanship of that era.

2. 17 St Mary’s Court, Brookline
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 2.5
Rent: $6,250 per month

A few steps down the street from Kenmore Square, this building on St. Mary’s Court was originally a horse stable with an apartment above it. Today, the building includes this remodeled two-bedroom with design elements that harken back to its original uses.

3. 21 Beacon Street, Boston
Bedrooms: 1
Baths: 1
Rent: $3,850 per month

Available for short-term rentals, this unit at 21 Beacon is housed within a historic structure. Formerly a hotel where author Louisa May Alcott once rested her head, the building is across the street from the ever-so-scholarly Boston Athenaeum.

4. 1220 Adams Street, Dorchester
Bedrooms: Studio
Baths: 1
Rent: $1,935 per month

If living in a former chocolate factory sounds like your dream home, look no further than the Baker Chocolate Factory apartments. Described as being at the “crossroads of vintage and vogue,” the units are said to emit a faint chocolatey fragrance every once in a while.

5. 16 Winslow Road #3, Brookline
Bedrooms: 2
Baths: 1
Rent: $2,450 per month

On the third floor of an 1890s-era Victorian, this unit boasts hardwood floors, a renovated bathroom, and in-unit laundry. Plus, it’s one block away from the B Line.