Tosci Update: Gus Speaks

1200685003As of Friday afternoon, Toscanini’s remains closed. However, owner Gus Rancantore sent us this update:

“We were trying to prevent this from happening and we thought we could get things in order by today, Friday, noon. That’s not going to happen and because of the MLK weekend we probably won’t be able to do anything until Tuesday.

“We do owe money to The Commonwealth. The DOR does not want to close us and we certainly don’t want to close. We have been discussing the amount owed and the payment plan. Right now we are, per their suggestion, filing abatements for certain months and running around.

It has been amazing to have so many people say and write nice things about the store, its workers and our ice cream…We just want to get this settled and reopen.”

We’ll keep you updated on further developments when we hear them.