Where to Find the Best Pot Pies around Boston

There's a reason it's the ultimate "comfort food." Bookmark these picks for gravy-drenched-chicken classics, plus a couple curveballs.

The lobster pot pie at Summer Shack. / Photo courtesy of Summer Shack

There’s a reason we call it “comfort food,”especially in strange times like this. Certain forms of rib-sticking fare just have a way of saving even the grayest day—so with winter on the way, bookmark these picks for the Boston area’s best pot pies. There’s plenty of gravy-drenched-chicken classics, plus a couple curveballs too.


As one of Boston’s oldest bars, Amrheins is steeped in history—in fact, the place even displays the city’s first draft-beer pump like the prized relic it is. The setting is the perfect place to tuck into old-school comfort food like chicken pot pie that arrives, full of rich gravy, in a sizzling-hot cast iron skillet. Speaking of comfort: If you miss Mul’s, Amrheins’ sibling diner that closed to make way for yet another New Southie development, know you can now head here to find its famous corned beef hash, banana- and peanut butter-stuffed French toast, and other classic plates served for breakfast and lunch.

8 W Broadway, South Boston, 617-268-6189, amrheinsboston.com.

Corner Pub

This neighborhood hang at the intersection of Chinatown and the Leather District is known for its super-inventive selection of egg rolls—say, the Fenway-inspired Ball Park roll filled with sausage, peppers, onion, and brown mustard, or the Thanksgiving roll of turkey and stuffing with a side of cranberry sauce for dipping. Guess what? There’s a chicken pot pie roll too, stuffed with slow-cooked chicken, gravy, peas, and carrots. Classic flavor, creative idea.

162 Lincoln St., Boston, 617-542-7080, cornerpubboston.net.

Asiago chicken pasty from Cornish Pasty. / Photo by Apex S. via Yelp

Cornish Pasty

No, that’s not a misspelling of the word “pastry.” A pasty is a popular snack in the U.K.—it’s a folded-over shortcrust filled with meats and veggies. It’s sort of like a pot pie and a Hot Pocket had a delicious (and hand-held!) offspring. This wondrous pasty shop has a wide selection, from Cajun chicken to tikka masala, plus peppered steak, meatballs, and bangers and mash. Not a meat-eater? Vegetarian and vegan options abound, too.

51 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, 857-250-4497, cornishpastycoboston.com.

Doc’s chicken pot pie. / Photo by Christina Orso

Doc’s Pot Pies at the Winthrop Arms

You don’t need to be an overnight guest to dig into the popular chicken pot pies served by this operation at the Winthrop Arms hotel and restaurant. In fact, you just need a smartphone: They’re available for delivery via UberEats—just consider it a particularly generous extension room service. Since you’re double-tapping, add to your cart an order of the also-awesome mac ‘n’ cheese, plus a caramel-covered apple crisp to get all of Doc’s comfort-food medicine.

130 Grovers Ave., Winthrop, 617-846-4000, winthroparms.com.

Drive-By Pies

When you’re craving a slice of something sweet, you already know that this Brookline pie baker is one of the best around. But don’t overlook the spot’s savory side, especially since it’s home to a superlative chicken pot pie. The hearty and homemade nine-inch rounds are made fresh daily and just need to be tossed in your oven at home—to truly turn up the heat, though, you can also opt for its spicier sibling: the Buffalo chicken pie.

248A Cypress St., Brookline, 617-879-6210, drive-bypies.com.


Starting with its 1930s-founded original location in Reading, this chicken pot pie specialist has spawned six locations to become a true suburban legend. The pies range in size, from single-person portions to “jumbo” options fit for half a dozen. Just don’t forget to add fresh-baked rolls to an order—you’ll want them to swab up whatever gravy-loaded chicken misses your fork. And while you’re at it, toss in a pint of soul-warming chicken soup, too.

275 Mystic Ave., Medford, 781-306-0410; additional locations, chickenpie.com.

ko pies

A selection of Sam Jackson’s KO Pies. / Photo by Ruby Wallace-Ewing

KO Catering & Pies

This Eastie institution is the place to find Australian meat pies, hand-sized eats that are fully enclosed by a shortbread base and a puff pastry top. Are they technically, then, a pot pie? Not exactly, no—but plunge your fork into steaming servings of stewed beef with garlic and onions in a red wine stock, or braised lamb shank with gravy, and we know you’ll still welcome these cousins from Oz with open arms and a wide mouth.

256 Marginal St. Building 16, East Boston, 617-418-5234, kocateringandpies.com.

Vegan pot pie from Petsi Pies. / Photo courtesy Petsi Pies

Petsi Pies

As the mercury drops and the desire to hunker down rises, we suggest stocking up on the frozen, ready-to-cook chicken pot pies from this beloved Somerville baker. Talk about handmade: Petsi even debones its chickens in-house (the hormone-free birds come from another nearby landmark, Mayflower Poultry). The roasted result is the super-tender foundation for a pot pie flush with rich gravy, potatoes, peas, and carrots; there’s also a vegan version with lentils, roasted broccoli, and more. So clear out some freezer space—your winter-dinner winners have arrived.

285 Beacon St., Somerville, 617-661-7437, petsipies.com.

Summer Shack

We know it’s frustrating (and frankly, a big bummer) that the pandemic will prevent so many of us from gathering with out-of-town family and friends this holiday season. But hey, at least you can send your loved ones a taste of Boston with Summer Shack’s lobster pot pie. The crustacean-anchored creation packs a pound of meat and a dry sherry-spiked cream base—plus potatoes, carrots, peas, and thyme—into a puff pastry. It’s big enough to serve six, and available to ship frozen anywhere in the U.S. Want to get your claws in one yourself? Just place an order for delivery or takeout (from the Cambridge location; Boston’s is temporarily closed).

149 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, 617, 520-9500, summershackrestaurant.com.