Your New Honey's Five Fave Beers

It’s summertime in the Hub, and you probably just met someone who thinks you’re made of pretty cool stuff. You like her. She might be a keeper.

But pretty soon, she is going to figure out that you’re not so exciting – that you’ve only read three books in the last five years (two of which were sports-related), and that you still spend an inordinate amount of time watching reality TV. So you better go find a pretty good second act. Pronto.

Here’s a good start: Figure out what kind of beer she likes, then pick a few new ones for her that might not have yet reached her more sophisticated palate.

What? You’re wondering if she’ll appreciate the irony of buying her a few cans of Golden Anniversary? No doubt you need some help. Don’t worry. I mustered a few words out of my Special Lady (who owns her own beer fridge) for some insight.

Before you start plunking down some cold hard cash, consider this test to see if she’s fridge worthy. Take her to the bar at Red Bones in Somerville and make her spin the wheel with you a few times. It’s like playing Wheel of Fortune, where every spin wins you a surprise from the taps.

If she suddenly asks for a white wine, you ask for the check. Then go find a few friends to have beers with to figure out why you are still making such poor choices at this stage of your life.

OK, Slick, here’s her list. (You’re welcome.)

Rochefort 10: Made by Trappist Monks, this Belgian treat sports and ABV of 11.5 percent. Its rich, unfiltered ale leaves a honeyed flavor with some gusto sans the aftertaste. She loves the flavor, “and how it punches you in the face after just one,” she says.

Go to: The Publick House in Brookline and Deep Ellum in Allston. Both serve Rochefort 10 and its less powerful variations Rochefort 6 and 8. Golden Goose Market, at 179 Commercial St., generally has a reliable stock. But unless you’re hitting the liquor store next the Johnny’s Foodmaster in Somerville, be prepared to pay. Deep Ellum charges $12 a bottle. In most stores, you can find it somewhere around $8 a bottle.

Tuckerman’s Headwall Alt: Not every week is a Rochefort 10 week. But that doesn’t always mean getting out cheap. She loves Belgian-style beers. Tuckerman’s Headwall Alt has some similar smooth, malty tastes found in a Rochefort. It’s German malts meets American hops with an ABV of 4.75 percent. Some more praise: “I like how it’s smooth,” she says. “It doesn’t have a hideous aftertaste, so you don’t have to cringe when you’re swallowing it.”

Go to: Here’s the bad news. You can certainly find this beer in the Commonwealth, but it’s not always easy. Your best bet may be to drive north of the border for this one. Find a New Hampshire grocery store, or if you’re far enough north to camp, hit up Tuckerman Brewing Co. in Conway, NH, and buy a 12 pack or case. (Maybe a generous reader will leave you a tip about where to find some locally in the comments section.)

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA: Sometimes it’s just about the punch, or at least a nice snap of strong hops. Here’s a good laugh involving beer and gender: We were at Legal Harborside having dinner several weeks ago. When the waiter arrived (not the one who took our order), he handed me her Dogfish Head. She got my low octane session beer. I had to break it to him that he was beverage profiling.

Go to: Marliave has it on their menu for $5.50 a bottle! But hey, if you don’t want go fancy, you can even hit The Barracuda Tavern next door for a bottle of 60 or 90 Minute. Tavern in the Square in Allston also has 60 Minute IPA and a friendly staff who likes to chat it up about local beer selections. (If you find a place serving 90 Minute for $9 or more, turn around and hit the door. There are better deals to be had elsewhere.) There’s been a proliferation of Dogfish Head – both its 60 and 90 minute – around the city on tap and in bottles.

Boddingtons Pub Ale: Everyone has an old standby. Hers is a light pub ale that’s exceptionally smooth. She typically drinks this more in the fall and winter. The four-pack cans are a reliable for a pint at home, but she likes a quiet pub to enjoy the taste of a draft.

Go to: Christopher’s, at 1920 Mass. Ave in Cambridge, has Boddingtons on tap along with Smuttynose and Magic Hat selections. Foundry on Elm, located in Davis Square, also has Boddingtons on tap and Dog Fish Head 60 Minute IPA mentioned above.

Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale: There are subtle citrusy, sweet flavors that go with the easily drinkable beer. Think smooth. And it goes with a wide variety of foods. ABV is 5.5 percent.

Go to: Stars on Hingham Harbor, located on Rt. 3A in Hingham Harbor, for a sandwich and a beer while you’re en route to the Cape or points south. I have yet to find a bar in the city with Flying Dog’s pale ale, but perhaps some of our fellow Beer Drinkers can fill in the blanks below.

The Beer Drinker is a writer and creator of the Beer Drinking Report. Yes, he knows they don’t make Golden Anniversary anymore. Sniff, sniff …