The New Maple Syrup


Photograph by Toan Trinh

When Doug Rodrigues became executive chef of Beacon Hill’s Tip Tap Room last year, he brought along an arsenal of high-end pantry staples curated during his tenure at fine-­dining stalwart Clio. One that survived the move ­especially well: Mugolio, a condiment created from the pollinated buds of the Mugo pine tree in northeastern Italy. Plucked in May, the buds are jarred and sun-baked until autumn; the resulting liquid is then transformed into an aromatic syrup. “I haven’t taken it off a menu since I was introduced to it about six years ago,” Rodrigues says. “It adds so much depth and richness without being cloying or overpowering.”

To make the most of Mugolio, use it like ­Rodrigues does—mixed into vinaigrettes, paired with cheeses, drizzled over rich meats, or as an exotic ice cream topping.