Cinquecento Introduces Shipping Container Bar

The 12-seat Rosso Patio Bar is also being billed as a seasonal art installation.


Taking a cue from Slumbrew’s new American Fresh Brewhouse in Assembly Row, as well as other predecessors as far away as Austin and Atlanta, the team at Aquitaine Group has setup an outdoor bar at Cinquecento built out of a repurposed shipping container. Implemented earlier this week, the 12-seat, full-service bar, dubbed “Rosso Patio Bar at Cinquecento,” is also being billed as a seasonal art installation.

From concept to delivery, the recycled shipping container took only 32 days to modify thanks to Brian Quick from Mini Warehousing Inc. in Mansfield, who also outfitted the space with lighting, seating, and all its other amenities. The Rosso Patio Bar, situated on Cinquecento’s patio, will serve as an outdoor extension serving the same menu items available within the restaurant.

“It’s our job as restaurateurs to create reasons for people to choose our restaurants,” said executive chef/partner Seth Woods via a release. “Everything from the food we put on the plate, to the spaces we create all have an emotional response and are all part of the dining experience. With every space we create we start with something that we would want in our neighborhoods. The addition of the Rosso Patio Bar at Cinquecento was created with the mindful intention of being part of this neighborhood and I think it gives people yet another reason to enjoy outdoor dining in the South End.”

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